Conditional Fee Agreements

We can offer to act on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis (where we do not get paid unless you win your claim), in certain types of matters, for example – Personal Injury. Each case is subject to assessment before any agreement is entered into. An assessment of your case will normally take around 2-3 weeks to complete from receiving instructions and if your case is not accepted for a Conditional Fee agreement the assessment will be free of charge.

We do not support the funding of disbursements (which are payments made to third parties)such as court fees, hearing fees, counsels fees , medical report fees , cost of obtaining medical records etc.  We will ask you to pay these. Sometimes Counsel will agree to act on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis. If your case succeeds then usually our base costs are paid by the other side, but the success fee element of our costs will still be payable by you out of your compensation and can amount to up to 25% of your compensation for general damages and past losses.

If you win your case the disbursements you have paid may be recoverable from the other party in your case, but there could be a shortfall that you will not recover. If an insurance policy has been taken out the premium will not be recoverable from the other side and will be paid for by you out of your compensation.