Private Charging Rates

If we do not work for you under the terms of a Legal Aid Certificate or Conditional Fee Agreement basis or in a respect of a conveyancing or other fixed fee matter, we will charge you in accordance with the following schedule of fees:

Fee EarnerStatus Hourly RateRoutine Letters /Disbursements
Angela Ashcroft LL.BDirector – Solicitor£235.00£23.50
Andrew Simpson LL.BDirector – Solicitor£235.00£23.50
Claire Truscott LL.BDirector – Solicitor£235.00£23.50
Fiona Aitken BA LawConsultant Solicitor£235.00£23.50
Janine Hobson B HumAssociate Solicitor£235.00£23.50
Karen Greenwood LL.BAssistant Solicitor£190.00£19.00
Abigail Lawson LL.BAssistant Solicitor£190.00£19.00
Laura Thomson LL.BAssistant Solicitor£190.00£19.00
Joy GeggieSenior Legal Clerk £190.00£19.00
Legal Clerks£160.00£16.00
Associate Legal Executive£160.00£16.00
Trainee Solicitors£160.00£16.00