Request judgment – £50 plus VAT

Once the court has issued and served the claim form, a debtor has 14 days in which to file a defence or enter an acknowledgement of service (when they will have a further 14 days to respond). If the claim is defended then we will advise you about future likely costs on an hourly cost basis rate.  If no acknowledgement of service or defence is filed or the Defendant admits the debt then we can proceed to apply to the Court for Judgment and our fixed fee for this service will apply.

Once Judgment is entered and the Court serve the order on the Debtor, and if payment is not received within 10 working days, then we will provide you with advice on next steps and likely costs whether on a fixed cost or hourly basis.

Timescale: It usually takes the court about 10 working days to enter judgment following receipt of our request but delays in the court system are sometimes inevitable and so it can take longer.

Cases can take around 6 months from receipt of instructions from you to receipt of payment from the other side, depending upon whether or not it is necessary to issue a claim on an undisputed debt matter. There can, however, be inevitable delays. Our time estimate is on the basis that the other side pays promptly upon receipt of Judgment in default or admission. If enforcement action is needed, the matter will take longer to resolve and we will advise you of likely costs and timescales moving forward.

Qualifications of the Team

Debt recovery work is undertaken within our litigation department by Janine Hobson and Nicola Burrell and their specific experience can be viewed on their individual profiles page on this website.